Saturday, June 25, 2005



This is my new blog page, which will discuss anything and everything that comes to mind, and a few more things that escape reason and defy all understanding. That's me, myself, but not I on your the right. I am not snapping pictures of myself right now, of course, but writing this entry into this blog.

It is true that one cannot simulteniously read a particular blog and know the exact direction of the blogger thoughts at that moment. In case you weren't paying attention; that is the lamest postulate ever written! Real time blogging, projected directly from the bloggers mind to the screen, is regrettably still somewhat far off in the future. So were automobiles once, however. Are both worth the wait?

I hope that the entries on this site pique your interest just as they have mine. I also hope that you will take the time to respond to them and add any comments you deem relevent. This blog will include both day to day records of my personal activities which are usually tedious, and various records of my thoughts and viewpoints which are not. I assume that you're thoughts aren't tedious either, so please include them as I'd love to read them.

Talk to you later,

Gregory S. Smith


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